Do You Have Dental Problems?

A tooth is a mechanical digestive tool. Teeth are special structures derived from growing bones. The function of the teeth in the digestion is to change the size of the food to be smaller for easy swallowing and facilitate further digestion process. According to the shape, human teeth are divided into three kinds, namely the incisors, canine teeth, and molars. Flat-shaped teeth to bite and cut food. Canine tapered teeth to tear or rip food. Large molar teeth and uneven top surfaces to chew food. When finding something with your teeth, you may have the idea to visit invisalign winnipeg for getting the best service. First off, be familiar with the reason for orthodontic.

Malukosi is touted to be one of the triggers of dental problems so treatment with the dental ulcer is finally needed. Actually, malukosi is a condition when upper and lower teeth meet and usually who should start taking care of teeth are those who have abnormal malocclusion problems. Examples of abnormal malocclusions are the messy tooth, toothache, spongy teeth, and so on. Are you experiencing any of these problems? This dental problem can be triggered by various factors, such as:

Heredity Factor

The role of this factor is quite large and powerful in causing a person to experience abnormal maloccurrence. The role of this factor is quite active because it is a lot of people who have problems with teeth due to hereditary factors in which his parents also experienced the same dental issue. Genetic factors can be the cause of a person has a small jaw or just big, as well as the size of a small tooth or can also large, depending on the condition of the jaw and teeth of his parents.

The Habit Factor

Another factor that is quite common and capable of causing a person to be exposed to malocclusion is the habit factor. There are some people who have bad habits as a child associated with his teeth. Because as a child, we are still in a period of growth where the teeth were still relatively soft, habits can be a big influence on the teeth that are growing.