Lens materials of sunglasses

Select sunglasses labeled UV 400 or 100% UV Protection. Usually stamped on the sunglasses in the top corner of one lens or behind it. So the main purpose of wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV rays, not just styles! Reportedly UV rays can lead to blindness if our eyes are exposed for too long in the light that is too dazzling. It’s scary indeed! Hopefully, do not let yourself experiencing such a thing. Aside from that, the best elliptical under 500 can also worth your time to be checked out.

Lens materials

Actually, the most scratch resistant lens without the need for additional coating is a glass lens. But usually heavy so do not make our faces relax. Also fragile, I tend to avoid glass lenses.

Is a lens made of plastic polymer? Not as strong as polycarbonate but has a scratch-resistant coating and resistant to chemicals. For those who want to take a vacation to Fukushima Daichi, please bring sunglasses made from CR-39 only

Is a thin plastic lens and lightweight compared to all other types of lenses? In addition, polycarbonate lens is also the most powerful lens than others. Suitable for heavy activities. If the holidays to the extreme such as mountains, most appropriate use of these lenses