Why Your Newly Installed AC Doesn’t Work Well

You may think about hiring aircon service when something goes wrong with your air conditioning system. If you just bought and installed new AC but it doesn’t work well, there are some possible causes, such as:

Error in pipeline installation

Pipe installation includes flaring, welding, swaging etc. Flaring is widening the end of the pipe to be applied to the joint. A common mistake is flaring that is not perfect so it will cause a freon leak. This is often the case in the pipe connection section with the outdoor unit.

Pipes are not standard

The ac pipes used must meet factory standards. The thickness of the pipe greatly affects the quality of the installation. If the ac pipes used are not up to standard, they may cause cracks during tightening of the joints or fracture when bent.

AC remote setting error

Many consumers are not familiar with the buttons on the remote ac. So make sure you read the manual book or guide the use of remote AC well.