Tips on Caring for Teeth

For most people, there will be a fear of having to go to the dentist. As a result, new people come to the dentist when the teeth hurt. Therefore, it often occurs in the tooth that the tooth was forced to do tooth extraction because the condition of his teeth has been severe. visit website for regular dental checkups are recommended. In principle, every dentist will always try to save the teeth intact.

Here are some ways to take care of your teeth:

– Gargle after eating sweet foods. The rest of the food leaves the bacteria in the mouth which then secretes acid. When not gargling will leave a bad breath.

– Use a soft dry fur brush for the first two minutes of cleaning and rinsing with water. Replace the toothbrush every 3 months.

– Go to your dentist 6 months once there is no problem with your teeth. After the dental examination is complete, the dentist who checks you will also recommend when should you re-check the teeth. So the frequency of dental checks that must be done, different for each person.