Solutions of Soundproof Room without Doing a Renovation

If you are struggling with noise pollution from outside, noisy neighbors, or overall sounds, there are non-permanent solutions available and do not require heavy renovation. The way is with the installation of carpet at your home.

When it comes to absorbing sound, there is nothing more effective than a carpet. Do not be afraid to be creative with the carpet placement in your home. Lay the carpet overlap with each other and spread some carpets around the room. But you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the carpet in your home routinely wash it every 6 months at the best carpet wash like you can find at

In addition, you can also hang some favorite rugs on the wall to solve the echo problem at once. Of course, even with just one big rug can help drastically change the noise level in your home. The thickness of the carpet can help absorb the echoes and other loud noises and prevent them from “running around” the house. This solution is very useful if you live in a house with wooden or ceramic floors.