How to Hold the Right Softball Stick?

Have you ever heard of softball games? The game that uses this little ball comes from America and was created by George Hancock. This game was originally only used as a substitute for baseball only, but many people who like this game so it is played intact. Originally, the game was performed indoors, but due to the undeveloped game, it was moved outdoors.

In this game, there are two teams that play, the team of guards and club bat. For hitting team, how to hold stick punch is of course very important. With a good shot, the team can score in an easy way. But before starting the softballs, it would be better if you use the best slowpitch softball bats to support your performance while playing. Well, now we will discuss how to hold the right stick. Check it now!

1. Hold the stick with two hands to the limit of the handle. Keep your fingers tightly wrapped around the bending line. It is intended to gain maximum strength in the beating.

2. The handle must be strong and correct so that when swinging, stick it will not get out of hand.

3. The position when waiting for the Pitcher toss should be with both legs opened shoulder-width apart on the knees slightly bent, the view is directed to the ball coming towards us, and then the position of the body slightly tilted forward and do not forget the balance.

4. Grip the stick slightly backward with the elbow bent and parallel to the shoulders are slightly lower down.

Well, now you know how to hold the correct stick. This chapter is really interesting to learn because it can be practiced easily and correctly. Interested to learn more about this chapter and more details right? So, now congratulations to learn!