Basics in preparing your survival gears

In preparing Survival Kits, select items other than based on the location of the activity should also pay attention to “The Rule of Threes”, in addition to preparing Survival Kits should be: can be versatile, compact, lightweight, durable, and most importantly functional. Items taken in travel will be bad if the size is too large and not designed for survival conditions. Placement The survival gear items must be complementary from the layers per layer. A signal mirror in the pocket can be supported by a flare pen in LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) and supported by a signal panel in a backpack. A firefighter (a match) may be equipped with a magnesium bar (magnesium rod) in LBE and dry tinder (fire-making material, usually dry paper, cotton etc.).

Survival kits need not be complicated, just need a functional item that will meet the needs, if there are 2 items that have the same function select one, even better if it has more than one function. In order to organize all these items it is necessary to store the survival kits items, other than by buying, may also use: Bands Box, Soap Box, Tobacco Cans, Ammunition Boxes, or other boxes, where the box must meet the requirements the following:

Water-resistant/ Waterproof.

Easy to carry or easily placed near your body.

Suitable for storing various component sizes.