How to Safely Use Electricity at Home

Today household appliances in every home are already dependent on electricity usage. Electricity is very important to do activities at home. However, in its use, you must remain cautious if you do not want to harm. You can ask for help from act right electrical to install your electrical equipment such as smoke detector and air conditioner. Take a look at the essentials below for proper use of electricity in your home:

1. Follow the user manual

Understand and learn the use of electrical equipment in the manual to avoid things that are not desirable.

2. Pay attention to the electrical power

In the use of electrical equipment, we must pay attention to the power that is in accordance with the electrical power of our homes. Because the use of electricity that exceeds the installed power capacity can potentially cause a fire. To see the power used for each equipment, we can see in the tool body or cardboard where you store it.

3. Be careful when turning on or off electrical equipment

Note the outlet condition when unplugging or shutting down electrical equipment and do not precede turning off electrical equipment from the electrical outlet immediately before the appliance is turned off beforehand. This is to prevent the emergence of sparks that may potentially cause a fire.

4. Give a little space around the electrical equipment

Any electrical equipment that we use can generate heat energy in the vicinity, so do not put electrical equipment in a closed place because the components in it release heat energy that can cause electrical equipment to burn even cannot be used again.

5. Do not touch electrical equipment if the hand is wet

If your hands are wet, do not ever try to hold on to the electrical appliances that are on because the wet hands have water. Water is a good electrical conductor that can conduct electrical current.

6. Do not place electrical equipment near chemicals

Avoid placing chemicals near electrical equipment because chemicals can trigger a fire. Chemical hazards such as insect repellent and kerosene.

7. Turn off the electrical equipment when it is off the light

If your house is powered off, quickly turn off the power equipment that was previously on. Perhaps some electrical equipment needs a lot of power when first turned on so that it is feared that the electricity will turn off if the power equipment is turned on. The use of rotating and heated electrical appliances can also injure residents if they flare up suddenly.