Things you must know about using condoms

In order for condoms to function properly, they must be used appropriately and correctly, incorrect use of condoms may result in condoms being leaked or torn. Here are some steps how to use the correct condom. Look at the picture below for more details. Meanwhile, you can also buy condoms from online stores to get more privacy of your purchase.

Insert the condom into the penis by unrolling until the shaft of the penis is covered. Do not use teeth to open the condom wrapper, be careful also with the nails that sometimes cause a small tear in the condom. Give space at the end of the condom when installing it on the penis to have room for sperm when ejaculation occurs. If not, then the pressure can cause condoms to leak.

The friction that occurs when sex causes excessive pressure on the condom. So make sure your partner has been completely lubricated. Give enough stimulation to your partner before penetration using a condom. Or you can also use good quality lubricant oil. Should not use lubricating oils like baby oil (baby oil) or hand-body because it can damage condoms.

Always be careful when going to remove condoms from miss-v. The most common problem occurs when a man pulls a penis from inside the vagina is there is a sperm that is likely left behind and goes into the vagina. When pulling the penis, hold the tip of the penis down and pull the penis slowly. Make sure the size of the condom has been in accordance with the size of your penis to prevent the occurrence of condoms left in the vagina.