Unique & Interesting Facts about Car Tires

The tire was first built in 1911 by Philip Strauss, to date, the technology on changing tires of automobiles or motorcycles is increasingly like the development model, radial tire type, to the tires with three compounds that claimed the most secure and comfortable. Well, now you can easily get the most comfortable tires with the best quality at walmart. Even to make it easier, you can check the opening hours and cover first at walmart auto center hours. Apart from that, here are some interesting and unique facts about car tires!

Date of Tire Making
See and note the serial numbers on the tires, the last three numbers usually indicate the week and year of tire manufacturing.

Read the Tire Pressure Accurately
Check the tire pressure when the condition is not hot to get accurate results.

Unique fact
To make one car tire it takes half a barrel of crude oil.

Tire Maintenance
New tires or tires filled with precise wind pressure will improve vehicle performance and car control.

The main cause of tire failure is usually due to overload and a flat tire.

Tire Rotation
To reduce wear, rotate the tire position from front to back and from side to side on a regular basis.

Visual Inspection
Check the tire pressure with the pressure gauge because visual inspection can be misleading.