What Should You Know Before Choosing Lingerie?

Every woman would want to look sexy and attractive when using lingerie in front of her partner. However, not a few of them face difficulty when choosing the right lingerie. Before deciding to buy hot sexy lingerie lace, you should find out in advance what should be considered. Do not you even regret just because one chose. As reported by She Knows, there are some tips that can be applied to find lingerie.

1. Choose the Appropriate Body Shape

Know what your body shape looks like. Is the size of the hip larger than the chest and shoulders, or the upper body width but has a slender leg? After knowing what your body looks like, choose a lingerie that exposes the best parts of your body. For example, if you have large breasts, choose lingerie with V-neck detail to highlight the sexiness of the breast shape.

2. Choosing A Couple Loves

If you feel not confident with the lingerie that has been selected, then you will not feel comfortable when wearing it in front of the couple. Choose a lingerie that can make you feel sexy and special look. Instead of guessing whether the couple will like it or not, it’s better that he participate in choosing lingerie for you.

3. Color, Style, and Material

Perhaps a subtle material such as satin or silk with a predominantly black look sexy for you. Can also a pair of shorts and tank top pink matchs with your skin color. But basically, every woman has different proportions. With the appropriate lingerie color, your skin will look more radiant. Choosing a dark color like black can also be the right choice. However, if you want to appear more sensual and ‘brave’ in front of the couple, bright red lingerie is the right choice.

4. Mood Must be Stable

Buying lingerie requires a good and calm mood. Why? Because it is important that you can make the right choice and according to your wishes and your partner.

5. Need Convenience

If you feel uncomfortable with lingerie shopping in public, you can buy it online. But know correctly the size of lingerie sold. So before deciding to buy it, ask the seller detail size from the waist, hips to breasts.